The air of uncertainty that followed much of todays race can only bode well for this new era in F1.

This was a learning curve for all the teams out there concerning tyres, and how best to use them. Testing in earnest really began on Friday in the sweltering heat of Bahrain, and culminated in a race that was more difficult to predict until the demise of Vettel in the closing stages.

Red Bull, or should I say Vettel at Red Bull seemed to have a surprisingly good handle on events, especially given the talk of the car being too hard on their tires over a race distance. Alonso showed ominous pace in the latter stages, but that will have surprised no-one given their consistency over winter testing.

It’s clear that there are teams and drivers that are yet to really push the envelope. In fact it was safe to say that Button and Webber barely even opened the envelope, but this is a sport where people learn quickly, and many out there know they’ll have to.