The more they talk the more things stay the same. Would Red Bull retain their dominance after the FIA’s ruling this week, or would the recent machinations of McLaren be the beginning of a gradual shift in power. Well if the final qualifying session was anything to go by, then the answer to both was an emphatic ‘No’, as Sebastian Vettel gave McLaren and everyone else the finger.

Red Bull set up their usual base camp on the front row of the grid, with Vettel in particular pulling something special out of his Monty Python bag of tricks, to claim what was in the end, an emphatic pole. ‘Who needs ride hide control’ joked Christian Horner, while their rivals continue to scratch their heads. No amount of scratching or media spotlight have been able to dent their armoury

The rest of qualifying, in fact the rest of the weekend suggested there might have been a slight shift in the power balance had Hamilton transferred his pace throughout the weekend, and indeed in Q1 and Q2 where he was also quickest into pole.

Fernando Alonso recovered from a less auspicious start to his weekend to claim third spot for the third time this season. He feels he can have a good race from that position and if Ferrari can keep their engine woes at bay then there’s every reason he might.

His team-mate Filipe Massa had a quite final qualifying, finishing 7th after making a mistake into the tricky and never ending first turn. Robert Kubica and Adrian Sutil continue to underline the performance of their respective Renault’s and Force India’s. Schumacher on the other hand will be again disappointed by his performance respective to Nico Rosberg.

Amid all the fan fair of McLaren, Red Bull qualifying potential, Rosberg continued to punch above the relatively lightweight of his Mercedes. The real weight appears to be in the cockpit of their Number 4 car. Who’d have bet on that at the start of the season? Oh wait, I did

Smugness aside, today was one of a few surprises but ultimately familiar results. Whitmarsh and few others seem to think it may well rain tomorrow but weathermen they are not. The questions may be in the skies tomorrow, but all the answers will be found on the track.

McLaren among others can only hope to improve on today’s performance, while the Red Bulls will just be looking to maintain theirs.