What a difference a day makes. Two stellar performances from two contrasting drivers not only yielded very different results, but markedly revised assessments of their future prospects for the 2010 season.

The Lions’ den analogy has been used with such frequency over the past few months that it’s a wonder that control + paste buttons up and down the journalistic pit lane haven’t ground to a halt.

Now a Lions’ den is one thing, but Lewis Hamilton’s world has fast become a minefield of politics and polemics that reach far further than McLaren HQ, and threaten to ensnare him far quicker if he veers off the racing line.

Two races in, one good tyre call later and the message that the McLaren hierarchy structure has fallen Babel style — a message that appeared with such immediacy that one wonders whether these very same journalists haven’t simply fallen on the paste button again.

Articles at the ready: What ‘if’ Jenson Button got a better result in a race? The slew of media coverage has answered that question emphatically.

Popular vernacular has turned to the slaying of Goliath — “Lewis has been slain, and what’s more Jenson did it with his brain!”

In true Late Brakers style, let me pin my colours to the mast rather than the see-saw by affirming my belief that over the course of not only this season, but the seasons to follow, Hamilton will go on to dominate his team mate in a manner that will test Button’s new found confidence and self belief to the limit.

As for F1′s commentators, it seems unlikely many will look past the need for controversy and the mandatory word count to fill those precious column inches.