Many feared a processional train at the Spanish Grand Prix. In the end back markers played as much part in the race headlines as the front-runners, causing no end of trouble, blue flags, and uncomfortable moments on the racing line.

With Monaco up next, Formula One’s newbie’s again threaten to take the unwanted spotlight during qualifying and the race. Both should be interesting, as there isn’t much other than the racing line to actually drive on.

Strategy and no small sprinkling of luck will be key to success on the windy streets of the principality. All could be won or lost in the tight pit lanes or avoiding the back-end of a Virgin.

On the fast flowing curves of Barcelona, Lady Luck proved no real friend of Sebastian Vettel. Despite his efforts, she didn’t even afford Lewis Hamilton a passing glance while Fernando Alonso proved that one man’s misfortune is another mans spoils.

As for Mark Webber, his Midas touch meant the rest of the field could keep up with him. Webber put in a performance sure to shake even the biggest monkey off his back. The win meant he could at least push aside the label of Red Bull support act for another week at least, controlling qualifying and the race with equal measure to stay well clear of any trouble. A third career win for Webber tasted every bit as sweet as the first.

Back to Monaco; if it’s action you want then all eyes should be on the new teams from about lap 12 onwards. Expect fireworks and recriminations and a race more akin to the M25 in rush hour than Monaco Grand Prix.

While the number of cars isn’t so much the problem, the performance differential most definitely is. And when you consider that the likes of McLaren are in the latter stages of developing next year’s car while the 25th and 26th spots on the grid are yet to be filled, we can only imagine what treats await us a year from now. Murmurs of this weeks disconnect will sound like nothing compared to next years riot.

But let’s not look too far into the future, as Lady Luck will have her hands more than full come Saturday and Sunday afternoon.