Back in January, after 3 years away and at 41 years of age, we found a Michael Schumacher coming over all gooey for odd numbers.

Car Number 4 – unlucky for some, but even more so for the multiple world champion. Number 3 was more his bag, but even with that good luck charm his first race weekend back hasn’t quite worked out as planned. Friday practice and yesterdays qualifying session have brought Schumacher back to a modern reality that is less about team orders, and more about a New Order.

A new order of drivers that respect greatness but refuse to kowtow to it in a manner he was used to in his heyday. His team mate Rosberg kept a low profile during the pre-season media carnival, but let’s face it, did he have any choice?

Instead he’s chosen to do his talking through closed visor, and in doing so said more than he ever could have during those endless interviews and pre season platitudes.

Can he carry todays performance into the race tomorrow? Well if he can manage his tyres in what I think is going to be a tricky first stint for all the front runners, then Schumacher had better hope that an even number brings him better fortune in Australia, because from yesterdays tail of the tape, playing a numbers game just won’t do.