‘Relationships are a funny thing. Just the misplaced word or action and things can snowball. And if you don’t catch them, they can snowball into something big’. A quote less Freudian, more Dr. Cox-ian from Scrubs no less.

A decision made in a second can seemingly last a lifetime, or do they? In a sport where events of the past are discussed almost to the point of nausea, Formula 1 continues to only concern itself with the road ahead.

For drivers, to dwell on the past is to be affected by the past, which is why we’ve heard Messrs Vettel and Webber wanting to move on from the events of last week – and quickly.

The concerns of the driver and team correlate to a point. On the back straight of Turkey we learnt where the differences lie. At 200mph, passion not politics rule the day, and despite the recriminations and promises to do different in future,  you just know they probably will do.

Past events have a bearing on the delicate dynamics of inter-team relationships. Delicate because there needs to be a fire fighter on hand. One who knows better than to pour water on hot oil. Christian Horner had forgotten to read that safety manual last week though it’s funny what a bit of self reflection can do. That and a wet tea-cloth.

Red Bull know that they’ve got a bigger fight on their hands for the rest of the season from the McLaren garage next door. A bit of spice seems to make the boys from Woking tick despite their seemingly sedate exterior.

So far this season, where Red Bull have lost out mechanically, McLaren have let themselves down tactically, as they’ve too often let technical data rule over common sense.

McLaren nearly paid dear for their pit-lane lethargy. Had they not telegraph passed their pit-stop intentions for Hamilton, the race could have been decided on the 17th not the 41st lap of the race.

Had the events of a fortnight ago turned out differently – with Hamilton losing out to Button for the win – Martin Whitmarsh’s fire fighting skills would also have been put to the test. Racing team or not, me thinks he knows that all too well.

So much has been said about McLaren’s bout of in-fighting, that people overlook that one of the most potentially embarrassing scenarios was only narrowly avoided.

Forget ramming each other off the road, imagine them racing them until they both went ‘put put’? Even though it has since become clear that neither side of the garage were in any position to race each other to the finish line, it would seem that when people are trying to get the upper hand in a relationship, they’ll do anything; even if it means running out of petrol to prove a point.

Sometimes you just have to kiss and make-up. Failing that just agree to disagree and move on. After all, there’s racing to take care of, starting in Canada.